Where Residents Come First, from Move-in to Move-out

Serving the Residents of our Pittsburgh Properties

Who We Are

Our goal is to redefine the way you experience living in Pittsburgh by providing convenience, security, and quality care.

At Easy Livin we bring over 50 years of combined expertise in property management and maintenance to the table. Our foundation is built on a simple, yet powerful belief: property management should prioritize residents above all else. In an industry where many management companies lean towards the interests of property owners, we champion the needs and concerns of those who call our properties home.

We Prioritize Residents Above All Else

When you rent with an Easy Livin property, you come first. While many management firms put property owners first, we at Easy Livin recognize that our residents are the heart of our business. Your needs drive our mission.

Resident-Centric Approach

Unlike the majority, our primary allegiance is to our residents, ensuring they are at the heart of all our services.

Quality Homes

We take pride in offering only the finest, fully renovated residences located in the most family-friendly neighborhoods across Pittsburgh.

Dedicated Team

Our staff is not just equipped but is passionate about assisting our residents throughout the entire rental journey.

Family and Pet Friendly

We celebrate families and our furry friends, ensuring our properties cater to their needs.

Experience Matters

With over 25 years of combined proficiency in property management and maintenance, we know the ins and outs of creating a harmonious living experience.

Easy-To-Use Tenant Portal

We simplify your rental experience with a comprehensive portal to manage payments, billing, maintenance requests, move-ins, and move-outs with ease.

A Sample of Our Properties

Our Philosophy

At Easy Livin, we believe that the heart of property management lies in nurturing the bond between the community and its residents. Instead of merely managing properties, we aspire to create homes where every individual feels valued and heard. It’s more than just brick and mortar to us; it’s about understanding and respecting the stories, aspirations, and dreams of those who choose to reside with us. In essence, our philosophy revolves around placing people, not properties, at the center of our universe.